Mother Goose Parade 2019

Celebrity Announcer Locations

The following announcers will be located on the south side of Main Street at the following locations:
1. Van Houten Avenue, in front of Jack in the Box – Longtime KGB Radio D.J. Coe Lewis and her producer Little Tommy Sablan

2. Magnolia Avenue, in front of the old Salvation Army building – Cliff Albert, KOGO News Radio New Anchor & News Director and D.J. Delana Bennett from 94.1

3. Sulzfeld Way, in front of Testo Pepesto – KGTV-ABC News Anchors (TBN)

4. Taft Avenue, S.E. Corner – Ernie Martinez long time host of Chargers Power Hour and Extra Sports 1360 afternoon drive and Gary Kelly – TV & Radio News Personality

5. Lincoln Avenue, S. E. Corner – Glenn Erath, Radio Personality/Comedian

6. Mollison Avenue, in front of O’Reilly’s – D.J.’s Rich Singley and Josh Board with Mountain Country 107, in Alpine

7. Anza Street – Paul Kruze, Award Winning Newspaper Reporter, East County Magazine

8. In front of Foodland Market – TBA

9. 247 First Avenue, just north of doorway – TBA