Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the parade route?
1.25 miles; Main & El Cajon Blvd to First & Main Street

How long does the parade last?
Approximately 1 hr 45 minutes from the first Chapter to the closing Santa float.

Are chairs allowed?
Yes. Folding chairs and blankets are recommended for comfortable seating.

How early should we arrive before the event?
Parking and seating is limited to first come basis. The parade starts at 1PM. Give yourself enough travel time to find parking and/or walking.

Best place(s) to park?
There is no reserved parking for spectators of the parade. Carpooling is recommended as spaces are limited to public parking only. Parking in unauthorized spaces can result in a tow.

Best place(s) to watch?
Every veteran spectator has their favorite spot. However, The parade can be enjoyed anywhere along the route. Some spectators sit next to the announcer stands to hear the narration of each unit passing.

Can I stand in the street to watch?
NO. Spectators must keep all chairs, blankets and children behind the curb and ALWAYS behind the posted parade barricades/signs.

Where are the public restrooms?
Temporary restrooms can be found at the Prescott Promenade Park, City Hall parking lot, along parade staging stations, and on First St. at Main Street.

Where can I buy food/drinks?
Besides local stores and restaurants along the route, you may purchase ICE CREAM in the Prescott Promenade Park, at Main & Douglas Ave.

Where can I get a Parade Program?
Parade information is DIGITAL THIS YEAR. You can access and view parade information on your smart phone or tablet. Simply visit for more information.

What happens if a child is lost?
Lost children should be taken to the nearest Announcers Stand, and will then be escorted to the City Command Post at ECPD Emergency Services by parade security/EC police officers to be reunited.

Can I ask for autographs during the parade?
NO; for public safely, spectators are not allowed in the street during the parade, to request autographs or photographs. Celebrities may sign autographs after the parade at the Downtown Café and URBN Coal Fired Pizza.

How do I cross the parade route/street?
Once the parade starts, please only cross the street at marked crossings or intersections, where you see law enforcement or security.

When will the parade be shown on television?
At this time the Mother Goose Parade is not televised. However, interviews may be shown on San Diego networks and cable stations.