Overview / Mission

PROGRAMS & FUNDRAISING EVENTS of the Mother Goose Parade Association

This is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.

Overview of the Corporation The primary purpose for which the Corporation is organized is to encourage and promote higher education with scholarship awards; and push the boundaries of higher education even deeper and wider through it’s personal growth programs and workshops as it prepares each new generation for real-world demands.

The secondary purpose is a public benefit through the promotion of community development through a unique parade.

Overview of Educational Programs/Workshops. The Corporation currently conducts annual programs and workshops to help strengthen the lives of others and to educate them on various issues that is a public benefit. Additional programs and workshops are continuously considered and added on an annual basis.

Below is a list of activities that the MGPA currently conducts annually to help strengthen the lives of others and our communities.



Arts and Culture

Elementary Schools Art Contest for MGPA Theme – San Diego County elementary schools are encouraged to participate in the arts contests for MGPA Parade Theme. The children design and color a picture that relates to the theme of the parade each year. This helps the children use their creative minds and express their ingenious imagination on paper. We receive a large number of art pieces and are judged by representatives of the MGPA Board of Directors. The winner’s art project is published in the local newspapers and the MG Parade’s program and they get to ride on a specially designed float called “A Wish Come True” in the MG Parade.

Educational and Personal Growth

Leadership/Scholarship Program for Young Women of San Diego County – The future of our world is dependent upon the leadership qualities of today’s youth. The MGPA goal is not just to share knowledge, but to prepare high school young women (grades 9th through 12th) for “real world demands” by assisting them to identify their own self-worth while accomplishing their academic and career goals. The young women receive personal growth and career management courses and job search skills through workshops such as Karate Courses for self defense, Proper Etiquette, Dress for Success (includes hair and make-up), Resume preparation and Interview Techniques, Speech Dynamics, Essay Writing, and Confidence Building Blocks, just to name a few. These young women volunteer their time throughout the year for many organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, MS Society, Relay for Life Cancer Walk, and many other events and organizations. Volunteerism instills these values of community spirit, activism, compassion, confidence, and individualism into each young woman that we come in contact with, while providing them with resources and opportunities to achieve their career goals, further their education with scholarships, and fulfill their personal potential. There is no entry fee, nor any charges for our personal development programs.

Health and Wellness

Run with the Goose – The average American child spends several hours each day watching television; time which in previous years might have been devoted to physical pursuits. Obesity is greater among children and adolescents who frequently watch television not only because little energy is expended while viewing but also because of concurrent consumption of high-calorie snacks. One way to help our community, the MGPA partners with the Health and Human Service Group of Leadership East County Class of 2007 and Stoney’s Kids to conduct a children’s fun/run the morning of the MG Parade. This fun/run not only helps the kids exercise and have fun at the same time; it brings out the awareness of preventing child obesity and healthy eating. The event is open to grade school children and those parents that wish to participate throughout San Diego County. Winner receives a bicycle; and top winners get to ride in the MG Parade on a specially designed float.

Elementary Schools Art Contest for Safety – San Diego County elementary schools are encouraged to participate in the arts contests to depict Safety. MGPA works in conjunction with Heartland Fire and Rescue in El Cajon (HFR). The children design and color a picture that relates to a message topic on safety given by the HFR (ie: Message: What do you do when there is smoke filling up your house? Picture: shows family crawling out of house below smoke line). This helps the children to start thinking of safety solutions. We receive a large number of art pieces and are judged by representatives of the HFR. The winner and two runner-ups art projects are displayed at an EC Council Meeting. Winners are acknowledged on television, receive certificates and the winner recieves a gift certificate. All three ride in a fire truck in the Mother Goose Parade.

Community Enhancement

Annual Mother Goose Parade – Understanding the value of unity, family bonding, and social togetherness that are designed for all ages, races and ethnicities, the MGPA organizes 12-months a year, the MG Parade, the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi. Rich in history, character and entertainment, the MGP has delighted children of all ages for over six decades. Scheduled every year on the “Sunday before Thanksgiving”, the event heralds the beginning of the holiday season. Participants that are accepted into the parade are encouraged to educate the general public with their entry by depicting the promotion of arts, culture, heritage or science, advancement of human rights, literacy and education, religion, community development, environment protection or improvement – going “green”, animal welfare, or public safety, which makes this a unique educational parade for all walks of life. Those depictions can be relayed through, but not limited to, stunning floats, giant balloons, colorful clowns, marching bands, marching and/or heritage dancing of different ethnic groups, and special units. This parade has something for all families. Estimated attendance is over 250,000 people, and is increasing each year. This parade attracts the drive market tourists, as well as visitors from around the world. The MGPA works hard to ensure that our gift and educational signature event for the community will continue to thrill spectators with the old-fashioned spirit of magic and fun that is America, while take away knowledge of something new.

All proceeds benefit the MGPA Scholarship Programs/Events.

We invite you to become a part of a dynamic, innovated and heartwarming organization.