2018 Participants

We are always looking for unique and entertaining elements to compliment our existing line-up.

The Mother Goose Parade currently features the following entries from all around the United States:

* Bands and Drill Units
* Floats
* Equestrians – any entry with horses
* Dignitaries – radio and television personalities, and local elected officials (limited).
* Clowns
* Special Units – any entry not included in any of the above categories.
*Queen’s Contest

For information on how to become a Mother Goose Parade participant, please visit the section titled above that meets your description for rules and qualifications

If you qualify, complete the application form in that section. Submission of an application does not automatically qualify you and/or your group to be a participant in the parade. All entries will be evaluated for consideration and a letter will be mailed informing you of our decision.

If you have further questions, please call the
Mother Goose Parade office at
(619) 444-8712 or
email info@themothergooseparade.com


We welcome celebrities with open arms to participate in bringing smiles to children’s faces. If you or a movie/television celebrity is interested in participating, please contact:

Mother Goose Parade
1130 Broadway
El Cajon, CA 92021

Office: (619) 444-8712
Fax: (619) 444-3971


There are many volunteer opportunities as we get closer to the 64th Annual Mother Goose Parade. Learn how you can Volunteer for the Mother Goose Parade.

You can also contact the parade office at (619) 444-8712 or download a Volunteer Form.