Queen’s Contest

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Every year, a place of honor is  reserved in the Mother Goose Parade for our new goodwill ambassador and  her royal court. The selected individual will reign over the historical  Annual Mother Goose Parade atop her very own spectacular float. The  Queen and her Royal Court will not only reign over the parade, but these young women also volunteer their time throughout the year for many  organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, MS Society, Relay for Life  Cancer Walk, and many other events and organizations. Volunteerism  instills these values of community spirit, activism, compassion,  confidence, and individualism into each young woman that we come in  contact with, while providing them with resources and opportunities to  achieve their career goals, further their education with scholarships  for college tuitions, and fulfill their personal potential.

The Queen’s Contest, which is also  known as our Scholarship/Leadership/Goodwill Ambassador Program for  Young Women of San Diego County, has become a valuable and  impressive experience for young women that attend high school, to identify their own-self worth and prepare them for “real world  demands”. The young women receive personal growth and career management  courses and job search skills through workshops such as Karate Courses  for self defense, Proper Etiquette, Dress for Success (includes hair and make-up), Resume preparation and Interview Techniques, Speech Dynamics, Essay Writing, and Confidence Building Blocks, and Salesmanship, just  to name a few. To teach them salesmanship to help build their  confidence, letter writing, and speaking ability, they assist in raising money for the association’s programs through sales of decals,  memberships, program advertising, and coronation tickets.

Our dedicated and talented committee  of volunteers prepares each participant for a wonderful experience and  produces a contest that is fair and equitable to all involved. Our  mission continues to provide all of the resources available to us to  assist every participant equally, and to do everything possible to help  them compete with confidence, grace, composure, and success! It is also a great opportunity to meet celebrities and dignitaries!

Academic achievement is a  prerequisite to acceptance; and written essays and responses to  questions asked by judges are some bases for selection.

The Mother Goose Parade Association  holds the Mother Goose Queen’s Coronation at the El Cajon Elks Lodge  located at 1400 E. Washington  in El Cajon, California (check out “Events). The Coronation is  the event that honors these young women for all their hard work and  accomplishments throughout the program. It is also the time when the  Mother Goose Queen is selected. It is a celebration that needs to be  supported and experienced by all.