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Thanks to our friends at ABC 10News San Diego, this East County holiday tradition was safely continued, bringing you all the parade fun and excitement virtually, and kicking off the holiday season! 

For over 70 years The Mother Goose Parade has been a product of our whole community working together. From tireless volunteers, to generous donors, dedicated participants, and faithful attendees, it’s a team effort.
Reach out to us today to get involved and join the legacy!

A Parade For All Ages


A Community Tradition

The Mother Goose Parade has been around for generations, and we’re looking forward to generations more!

“One day I am going to be in the El Cajon Mother Goose Parade, just like my Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt. We are very lucky to live in a city that cares so much for the children in the community.”
- 3rd Grader at Flying Hills

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